We could not call ourselves a “one stop shop” for polyurethanes were it not for this product category.

These products include:

Release agents – Used for applying onto mould surfaces before our polyurethane is applied. This helps the cured polyurethane part release from the mould.

Primers – Often referred to as “bonding agents” these materials are applied onto typical surfaces such as metal and concrete to help with the adhesion of polyurethane elastomers.

Pigments – Various colours used to pigment elastomers, foams and coatings.

Plasticizers – Used for softening polyurethane elastomers to lower durometer hardness.

Cleaning solvents – Used for general workspace cleanup of polyurethane resins. Can also be used for cleaning dispensing machine parts and flushing dispensing machine hoses and pumps.

Release Agents

Era Polymers has a comprehensive range of release agents for aiding the removal of the cured polyurethane part from the mould.

Different polyurethanes tend to require different mould release agents. Most polyurethane foams require wax based mould release agents, whereas polyurethane elastomers use silicone based release agents.

Mould release agents can be applied by various methods, including spraying, wiping or brushing.

Release Agents

Product Short Description Datasheet
Salease Our standard release agent for elastomers AU
Eralease LP 57 General purpose wax based release agent for elastomer and foam AU

If spraying we recommend and stock the SURE SHOT MODEL A 6200 SPRAYER. Click here (126Kb) to download instructions for use.


The use of a primer, applied with care to a substrate, can ensure adhesion when the liquid polyurethane is applied.

The materials are usually applied as thin films as per the technical data sheet (TDS) recommendations.


Product Short Description Datasheet
AD1147 Polyurethane to Steel Primer AU
Erabond Metal Polyurethane to Steel Primer AU
PR1167 Polyurethane to polyurethane and other plastics primer AU
Erabond 6100 Polyurethane to ceramic primer AU

Era Polymers has a full range of primers to be able to firmly secure polyurethane to most substrates. Some primers are very specific so discussion with Era Sales staff is advised.


Era Polymers carries a range of pigments to colour our elastomers, foams and coatings.

The types of pigments are categorised as follows:


Product Short Description Datasheet
PASTES Our standard range of pigments suitable for most Era products. Usually blended into our materials at a 1-5% level by weight, depending on the colour intensity required.
REACTINTS Powerful liquid dyes to produce translucent colours in nearly all Era products. Available in Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow, Violet and Black.
FLUORO Supplied in a powder form for producing bright Fluoro colours. Final product will have a glow effect. AU

Click Here(600Kb) to download Era Polymers Colour Pigment Chart brochure.

Cleaning Solvents

Era Polymers is a one-stop shop and at the end of the day certain products are required for the cleaning and maintenance of the polyurethane dispensing equipment, moulds and general equipment.

Some of the cleaning agents available are:

Cleaning Solvents

Product Short Description Datasheet
ERACLEAN Used for boiling metal parts in, to clean off built up residue. AU
MESAMOLL OIL Also used as a machine flushing solvent. Specifically ideal for contact with Isocyanate components as it is non-reactive with them.

We stock a full range of greases, oils and cleaning products, please contact us for details.