Cannon Afros is the world leader in rigid and flexible polyurethane foam dispensing technology. Era Polymers represents Cannon in Australia for their “A-System” HIGH pressure and “B-System” LOW pressure mixing machinery.

Perfect mixing each and every time is ensured by the Cannon mixing heads, which are always at the forefront of technology as highlighted by their numerous world patents for mixing technology. One such example is the Interwet mixing process consisting of co-injecting polyurethanes with a variety of fillers such as chopped fibreglass.

A-System High Pressure Machine

Cannon high-pressure metering machines are available with an output range of 2.5 through to 750kg/min, in a wide range of configurations, number of component streams, and types of dosing.

B-System Low Pressure Machine

Cannon low-pressure machines are suitable for the widest range of polyurethane applications, with an output range from 7kg/min through to 500lg/min. These very simple machines are suited to applications which don’t require high production rates and capital investment, yet still need to cover many application fields.

The B-System machine has also been modified to create the “B2G Plus” Gasketing System, used for low outputs (down to 1gram/sec) for dispensing flexible gasketing foam for items such as electrical control panel doors, lamps, filters and many other applications.