Standard Laboratory Tests

Test NATA Endorsed Certificate Method
Abrasion resistance (DIN) AS1683.21
Abrasion resistance (Taber) AS/NZS 1580.403.2
Adhesion to metal AS1683.14.1
Adhesion to rigid substrates ASTM D429-99
Compressive properties of rigidcellular plastics ASTM D1621-04
Compression set AS1683.13
Compression set ASTM D395-02
Coefficient of friction – Static & Kinetic ASTM D1894-78
Cryogenic Test
Density – Specific Gravity AS1683.4
Density (sandwich core materials) ASTM C271/C271M
Density of rigid cellular plastics ASTM D1622
Elongation at break AS 1683.11
Elongation at break ASTM D 412
Flexural Strength (stress, modulus) AS2132,1978
Friability of foam (tumbling method) ASTM C421-05
Hardness (Shore A & D) AS 1683.15
Izod Impact AS 1146.1
Modulus (100%,200% & 300% strain) AS1683.11
Open Cell Content of rigid cellular plastics ASTM D 6226-05
Rebound resilience DIN53512
Shear properties (stress, modulus) ASTM C273
Tear strength (Die C) AS1683.12
Tear strength (Die C) ASTM D624
Tear strength (trouser) split AS1683.12
Tear strength (trouser) split ASTM D470
Tensile strength AS 1683.11
Tensile strength ASTM D 412
Tensile strength ASTM C297/C297M
Tensile & Tensile adhesion ASTM D1623-03
Thermal conductivity/resistivity ASTM C518-04
Water vapor transmission of materials ASTM E96.95